Friday, January 20, 2012

Chalte Chalte Choor Badan Hai - Qawwal Bahauddin

preamble : Zapt ka hosla duniya ko bhi bakhsha hota,
tu ne bakhshi thi agar quwat-e-izhar mujhey

Chalte Chalte Choor Badan Hai, Pairon Mein Laakhon Chhaaley hein
Hum ko daikho, Kitni Thakan Hai, Phir Bhi Hosh Sambhaley Hein

Sirf Sahar Ki Aas Mein Jab Tum, Aakhir Shab Tak Jaagey Ho
So Mat Jaana, Jaagney Waalon, Iss ke Baad Ujaaley Hein

Jiss se bheek talab ki, os ne kasa-e-dil hi tord diya
Chand si soorat rakhne wale, dil ke kitne kaaley hein

Poetry - Seemab Akbarabadi
Recital - Qawwal Bahauddin Saheb

Wonder when this was sung and who is the person giving daad. Perhaps meer can shed some light on that. He is going a bit overboard in the his praise at the beginning, though it is mostly nice to see a listener so excited.

In any case the style of singing is so full of fun especially considering the words.

I wish that I could see the ujala on the horizon.


meer said...

Poet name is "Simaab Akbar Abaadi" its a Famous track of Ustad Qawal Bahauddin Khan

meer said...

Qismat ki Paicheeda Guthi baton se kab suljhi hai
Nakhun zakhmi hogae mere tub kuch paich nikale hain

jis se bheek talab ki usne kasa-e-dil hi tor diyaa
Chand si soorat rakhne wale dil k kitne kaale hain

Amima said...

I dont know why but I cant see the link (and obviously cant play it then). Have tried everything - reinstalled flash, updated it too, reinstalled chrome, searched for other formats/links of the same qawwali, and nothing worked. Please upload another format or repair this one.