Saturday, November 6, 2010

Qaul by Ghulam Farid and Maqbool Sabri

These were the qawwals I heard first at the age of seven. It was as though I had made an instant connection. Wide-eyed, I sat next to my father, about six feet away from the singers in the farshi mehfil. Tried my best to stay awake till late night as the evening of qawwali progressed from one climax to another. Finally my head fell into abajan's lap and I dropped off to sleep. The cast had been set then, though it came back to me in these later years with a new passion.

This Qaul is pure beauty. Sung in a pure classical andaaz. Packed with feeling, just as it should be. The qawwals truly recite with abandon, completely lost and obviously feeding of each other as well as the audience.

Surili yeh awaaz, uss shoaq ki si,
Illahi yeh jalsa kahan ho raha hai...wah wah wah pure bliss.

"mera jism ek rabab ki tarha hai,
har rag taaron ki tarah hai,
aur sab mein sey sirf teri awaaz nikalti hai" - Amir Khusrau

original words -
"Tan Rabab Man ki Giri,
so Ragein Bhaee sab Taal.
Yeh Rom Rom Surdes hai so Bajet Naam Tehaar".

Have posted Part 2 first. For those who love the real classical andaaz here is also Part 1.

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devenin_bale_papucu said...

Allah razı olsun..

fahd said...

This is the best qaul I've ever heard

shaik tousif said...

assalamwalekum bro,,this thing remindeed my child hood,,,they r so beautiful cnat stop listning....
i will be thank ful to u if u send me this file to my mail...bcoz i was searching this from long time pls attach and send me