Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Bohat Din Beete Sayyan Ko Dekhe Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad Qawwal Montreal - Mar 2020 Starts with a lovely tarana that makes this rendition unique and turns this qawwali into a charming presentation. Then at 5.57 Fareed Ayaz changes the whole mood into something soft and soulful. The entire presentation is filled ups and downs that make it quite special.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Ghar Naari Gavari Chahe so Kahe - Amir Khusrau

Mein Nijam se Naina Laga Aayi re, Ghar Naari Gavari Chahe so Kahe ~ Khusrau Recital: Fareed Ayaz & Abu Muhammad Qawwal Montreal - March 2020 #devotion #love #sufipoetry

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Aayi Kyon Hichkiyaan Nahin Maloom

In loving memory of Ustad Iftekhar Ahmad Nizami sb (grandfather of Subhan Bilal Hilal Qawwal)
we held a small and intimate gathering to recite his favorite poetry.

I hope you will enjoy it as much we did.

Aayi kyon hichkiyan nahin maloom kaun hai meherbaan nahin maloom baykhudi mein bardha raha hun qadam jaa raha hun kahan nahin maloom Jaa raha hun ghaubaar ke peechhe Hai kahan kaarvaan nahin maloom Yaad itna hai barq chamki thii kya huwa aashiyaan nahin maloom Kehte kehte fasaana gham ka saeed, ruk gayii kyon zuban nahin maloom 😍🎼❤️

The folks at The Dream Journey certainly enjoyed the collection of old ghazals that Subhan
had prepared for the baithak. There were six others sung that day and I'm hoping that we
will get to see all of them soon.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Sohnay da Sohna Rauza

As the month of Ramzan approaches many of us like to listen to Naatiya kalam to help put us in the right mood of devotion. This is the lovely new Friday release from The Dream Journey

  Ustad Ameer Ali Khan Murkiyan wale based in Dipalpur, Punjab

I adore his style of singing and cannot get enough <3 nbsp="" p="">

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Tori Surat ke Balihari - Hazrat Amir Khusrau

Habib A Niazi's style of singing focuses on melody
and he manages to get to the essence of the poetry.

the melodious voice of jafar husain khan baduni

Tori surat ke balihari, Nijaam

Sab sakhiyan mein chundar mori mailee,
Dekh hansain nar naari,
Ab ke bahar chundar mori rang de,
Piya rakh lay laaj hamari, Nijaam.
Sadqa baba Ganj-e-Shakar ka,
Rakh lay laaj hamari, Nijaam.
Qutab, Farid mil aaye barati,
'Khusrau' raajdulaari, Nijaam.
Kouo saas kouo nanad say jhagday,
Hamko aas tihaari, Nijaam.
Tori surat ke balihari, Nijaam.



Beholding your appearance, Oh Nijaam
I offer myself in sacrifice.
Amongst all the girls, my scarf is the most soiled,
Look, the girls are laughing at me.
This spring, please dye my scarf for me,
Oh Nijaam, protect my honour.
In the name of Ganj-e Shakar (Nizamuddin Aulia's pir),
Protect my honour, Oh beloved Nijaam.
Qutab and Farid have come in the wedding procession,
And Khusrau is the loving bride, Oh Nijaam.
Some have to fight with the mother-in-law,
While some with sisters-in-law,
But I have you for support, Oh Nijaam.