Monday, February 11, 2013

Ve mahiya tere vekhan nu - Wadali brothers

Bollywood meets dancing dervesh girls

Ve mahiya tere vekhan nu,
chuk charkha gali de vich panwa,

Oh Beloved, to get your glimpse,
I have placed the charkha in the lane outside,

Ve loka paane main kat di,
tang teriya yaad de panwa.

People may think I am spinning the threads of cotton,
But I am truly spinning the thread of your memories.

Charkhe di oo kar de ole,
yaad teri da tumba bole.

I put the charka aside in the shade
The music of your memories rings in my heart.

ve nimma nimma geet ched ke,
tang kath di hullare panwa

Humming along the song slowly,
I am spinning gently, the joy when we meet.

vasan ni de rahe saure peke,
mainu tere pain pulekhe,

our relatives don't let me rest at ease,
But I keep getting the feeling that you've come.

ve hoon mainu das mahiya,
tere baaju kidhar main jayiyaan.

Oh darling, I ask you this,
If I don't go to you then were do I go !

ho eid aayi, mera yaar na aaya,
tera ve khair hove ove tamd,

The day of celebrations(eid) has come,
but my beloved hasn't come,

haar shingar change nai lagde,
ho kisi cheez pe nazar na jamdi,

The jewellery and the colors don't seem pretty,
Nothing around interests me,

sukha waalian needra mangne,
yaar mile to main eid manva,
bina yaar de eid na gamdi.

I only pray for a night of peaceful sleep,
Let my love come and I would celebrate Eid,
For without my love eid does not feel like eid.


Unknown said...

Thanks for your effort. I see sub title at the beginning only. And its hard to read because of its location.
If you put this at the bottom in white and the black back ground it will be much easier to read.

I appreciate it. Done a very good job. God bless you.

Pargat said...

that song was really awsome and heart touching

sukhdev said...

Mayyia in this song is taken as almighty God and CHARKHA is taken as the humenly body. Humane to get a single glimpse of GOD has come on this earth( Gali). Sufi gayaki reflects ISHQ as god and than to see the GOD finds so many the actual meaning of this song.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your effort bro.. ☺ Stay Blessed.. That's all I want to know.😊

Unknown said...

Superb... Bro