Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baro Ghi Ke Diye (2) : Recital by Saami Qawwal

I especially loved this rendition (partly in Purbi) that contains many terms of endearment for the Rasool (SAW). This is a traditional Badhawa that celebrates the birth of a child.

The recital is by the little known Saami Qawwal (Rauf & Brothers) the are sons of Ustad Naseruddin Saami saheb. Rauf, their leader, has sung it in such an unhurried manner. soach soach ke aur muhabbat se... adding stress and feeling where it is meaningful.

Baro Ghi Ke Diye by Saami Qawwals from Tasawwuf on Vimeo.

Even though the recording is pretty raw in places it is well worth listening to the beautiful verses:

Woh aik raat charaaghan hua zamaney mein
Hawa bhi ho gayee shaamil diye jalaney mein

Gul hai, gulshan mein ajab gulbadanee aya hai
Zarron ke beech mein, Laal-e-Yemani aya hai

Fard ek pal mein jo muflis, vo ghani aya hai
marhaba syed-e-maki madani aya hai

Dil-o-jan .........

Arsh pe ha ha kaar machee hai, dhartee gaye malhaar
Aaj Muhmammad paida bhailey, kahey gibreel pukar

Hoorein naachein chham-a-chham aaj abdullah ke anganwa
Aaj Muhmammad paida bhailey, kahey gibreel pukar

(repeated often) Hoorein naachein chham-a-chham,
Hoorein naachein chham-a-chham

Nabeeyan ki toli aayee hai abdul mutalib daikh
Bibi hawwa gaaye badhawa, maryam mangey naek
hamla gaiba kajraa, kohu maarey naahi tanwa

Adam se Isa tak aaye, daen badhayee saare
Pardhte durood farishtey aaye, tim tim kartey taare

Maa ki godi aesi lagey, jaisey mundri mein naganwa
Baro Ghi Ke Diye, bahilay amina ke Lalna.....................

Like many other artists in Pakistan, these young men struggle to succeed
and make a decent living out of the art they pursue and can use the encouragement
of all music lovers in the homeland. The sound in this particular rendition may
appear a little dry or raw as the sound of the tanpura and harmonium is too
far in the background and fails to mellow the voices. However as my brother would
say they have all the right "jaraseem" that are needed for a great qawwal party. :-)

References above:

Abdullah : is Hazrat Abdullah the Prophet's father
Amina : is Hazrat Amina the Prophet's mother.
Bibi Hawwa: Eve
Isa : Jesus Christ / Hazrat Isa
Maryam : Mary mother of Jesus
Durood : Darood Shareef (blessings and salutation on the Holy Prophet)
Farishtey : Angels

such warmth in their traditional words of love . hope you enjoy it as much as i did - arif

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