Monday, July 12, 2010

Gar Yaqeen Danam Ke Bar Man Aashiqi

Of the fabulous treasures of music that have come out of Muzaffar Ali's annual Khusraw Festival this one by Abida Parvin has got to be one at the top.

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This particular hour-long rendition is a bit like a river that is flowing and comes in waves. Sometimes large and other times small. Some gentle and other intense. Accompanied by the duff that makes this production especially unusual, Abida takes us on a journey that is so beautifully mystical. All you need to do is focus, even if you do not understand all the words and references in the poetry, the music promises to transport you to a different plane. Abida has managed so well to convey the spirit through her soulful singing, moving in the world of sufism with the words from one sufi saint to another and traveling from South Asia to Central Asia to the Middle East. From Farsi, to Sindhi, Saraiki, to Punjabi and to Urdu of course. A true gem!

Jis ne daikha, Mar hi Gaya
Teri Chashm e Siah Mein Hai Jadoo

Ghair ka Dhoka Mujh ko na Dey
Tujh Mein Main, Aur Mujh Mein Tu

Gar Yaqeen Danam Ke Bar Man Aashiqi
Az Jamal e Yaar Desh Hairanad Kunam

Hamein Bhi Jalwa Gah e Naz par Lae Kar Chalo Moosa

Masjid dha de, Mander dha de, Dha de jo kuch Dhana
Par kisi da dil na Dhaveen, Rab dillan wich Rehnda.............


meer said...

Would it possible to get the lyrics with meanings for this poem.

leenah. said...


Unknown said...

Wah. Its 1 hr supercharged mystical drive.. superb ya Ali(a) performance