Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kangna – کنگنا – Bracelet - Farid Ayaz (Raag Malkauns)

The much awaited video of Farid Ayaz and Abu Muhammad has finally been released by Coke Studio and what wonderful work it is indeed. I had received several calls about this in the last two weeks. People excitedly asking if I had seen the preview etc. So the buzz having been created very succesfully ahead of the launch it has been very well received. The seven pages of enthusiastic comments on Youtube made by ecstatic viewers in the space of 48 hours are a great testament to the recital and great production of Coke Studio. Pakistanis are proud today!

Raag Malkauns with the Bandish "Ae Kangna" in typical classical qawwali fashion combined Farsi verses and the fusion of modern music makes this recital pure bliss.

Ae kangana
De de ri chail mero
Ae kangana de de ri chail mero
Kangana de de
Tori binti karoon
Tore payyaan paroon
Ae kangana
Ma ra bah ghamzah kusht o qaza ra bahaanah saakht
Khud su-i ma nah deed o haya ra bahaanah saakht
Bar dosh-i ghair dast nihaad az rah-i karam
Ma ra chu deed laghzish-i pa ra bahaanah saakht
Ae kangana
Kangana de de
De de ri chail mero
Ae kangana de de
Aji chail kangna de de de de
de de
Ri chail mero
Naaheen aaoon main tore angana
Ae kangana
Lapak jhapak aur aan achaanak rang ḍaaro
Mohe madhawa pilaayo
Aise rangeele ke bedam waari
Jin mohe laal gulaal banaayo
Ae kangana
Mori sakhiyaan saheliyaan mohe bol maarat hain chailawa
De de kangana
Kangana de de ri chail mero
Naaheen aaoon main tore angana
Dil daadam o, Jaan daadam o Eemaan daadam
Ae kangana

eng trans.

O, bracelet
give back, O dandy lover
give back my bracelet, O dandy lover!
give back my bracelet
and fall at your feet in humble entreaty
O, bracelet
kill us she did with coquetry and made “fate” the excuse
she willfully failed to look our way and made “shyness” the excuse
out of favour for the stranger (our rival), on his shoulder did she place her hand
the moment she sighted us, she made “a slip of the foot” the excuse
O, bracelet
give back to me my bracelet
give back, O dandy lover
O, give back my bracelet
I say, you rake! give back, give back my bracelet
give back
O dandy lover
I won’t come with you to your courtyard
O, bracelet
deftly, in the wink of an eye, he cast his colour on me
made me drink such heady wine (that I lost myself in him)
Bedam is sacrificed on such a rakish charmer
who coloured me ruddy, rapturous red!
O, bracelet
my friends and boon companions throw taunts at me, dandy lover!
give back to me my bracelet
give back to my bracelet, dandy lover
I won’t come with you to your courtyard
I gave my heart and gave up my life and gave up my very faith!
O, bracelet

اے کنگنا
دے دے ری چھیل میرو
اے کنگنا دے دے ری چھیل میرو
کنگنا دے دے
توری بنتی کروں
تورے پیّاں پروں
اے کنگنا
ما را بہ غمزہ کشت و قضا را بہانہ ساخت
خود سوئے ما نہ دید و حیا را بہانہ ساخت
بر دوشِ غیر دست نہاد از رہِ کرم
ما را چو دید لغزشِ پا را بہانہ ساخت
اے کنگنا
کنگنا دے دے
دے دے ری چھیل میرو
اے کنگنا دے دے
اجی چھیل! کنگنا دے دے دے دے
دے دے
ری چھیل میرو
ناہیں آؤں میں تورے انگنا
اے کنگنا
لپک جھپک اور آن اچانک رنگ ڈارو
موہے مدھوا پلایو
ایسے رنگیلے کے بیدم واری
جن موہے لال گلال بنایو
اے کنگنا
موری سکھیاں سہیلیاں موہے بول مارت ہیں چھیلوا
دے دے کنگنا
کنگنا دے دے ری چھیل میرو
ناہیں آؤں میں تورے انگنا
دل دادم و
جان دادم و
ایمان دادم
اے کنگنا

Poetry: Mirza Qateel (d. 1817), Bedam Shah Warsi (d. 1936) and others


Paddy said...

Thanks for the lyrics. I like this song a lot and the lyrics makes me like it even more.

Shubhashish said...

Hey Does anyone know whether these are original lyrics or is it from old qawwalis? Just curious...thanks! :)

Alvin Raju said...

this is not purely farzi,this orginally fusion of brajbhasha
and qawali

Tejinder Bimbraw said...

These lyrics make the recitation even more ebautiful. Hope these were popsted directly on youtube.

uttam bhatta said...

what does he poet want to say by kangana" it the restriction that world has put on us to prevent the merge with existence....or the kangana mean the desire to bind to the almighty....?...can anyone elaborate plzzzz....

David Rasmussen said...

Put's one in a beautiful place. The video is sublime. And, 16+ minutes to get into the groove -:))

Unknown said...

It is a conversation between radha and Krishna of Indian said by farid ayaz himself

Namithaa Jayasankar said...

Is it possible for you to add the notation that is present throughout the song?

Verity said...

I first saw these artists in the movie "The Reluctant Terrorist" The performance is mesmerizing. Totally awesome.

M said...

Yes all quwalli are a rendition of the artist as a lover of the Supreme whatever the form or name...pure love

Ravi Vardhan said...

Wonderful. Loved it.