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Khabar-e-Tahayyur-e-Ishq - خبرِ تحیّرِ عِشق

Farid Ayaz & Abu Muhamamd Qawwal Party

This slow and pensive rendition of " Khabar e Tahayyur-e-Ishq Sun" is one of my favorites. A new and eloquent translation has been added here by Saiyed Nizamuddin Ahmad who hails from Lucknow and is presently Assistant Prof of Arabic and Islamic Studies at The American University of Cairo.

Khabar-e-tahayyur-e-ishq sun

Khabar-e-tahayyur-e-ishq sun na junuu.N rahaa na parii rahii

na to tuu rahaa na to mai.n rahaa, jo rahii so beKhabarii rahii

shaah-e-beKhudii ne ataa kiyaa mujhe ab libaas-e-barahanagii

na Khirad kii bakhiyaagarii rahii na junuu.N kii pardaadarii rahii

chalii simt-e-Gaib se ik havaa ki chaman zahuur kaa jal gayaa

magar ek shaaKh-e-nihaal-e-Gham jise dil kahe.n so harii rahii

nazar-e-taGaaful-e-yaar kaa gilaa kis zabaa.N so.n bayaa.N karuu.N

ki sharaab-e-sad-qadaah aarazuu Khum-e-dil me.n thii so bharii rahii

vo ajab gha.Dii thii mai.n jis gha.Dii liyaa dars-e-nusKhaa-e-ishq kaa

ki kitaab-e-aql kii taaq me.n jyuu.N dharii thii tyuu.n hii dharii rahii


josh-e-hairat-e-husn kaa asar is qadar so.n yahaa.N huaa

ki na aa_iine me.n rahii jilaa na parii kuu.N jalvaa-garii rahii

kiyaa Khaak aatish-e-ishq ne dil-e-benavaa-e-"Siraj" ko.n

na Khatar

rahaa na hazar rahaa magar ek beKhatarii rahii


Siraj Aurangabadi

trans: Divana Nakujabadi [Saiyad Nizamuddin Ahmad]
The Tale of Love’s Perplexity (khabar-e tahayyur-e 'ishq)

[1] Hearken to the tale of Love’s [metaphysical] perplexity:

neither the ardour of madness remained,

neither the angelic beloved remained;

Neither did thou remain, neither did I remain,

only [undifferentiated] unawareness remained.

[2] The Shah of no-self-ness has now bestowed upon me

the garment of nakedness;

Neither the stitching of reason remained,

neither the veiling of madness’ ardour remained.

[3] A wind blew from the threshold of the unseen,

and the garden of bliss was consumed.

Yet, but a branch of the tree of sorrow

―known as the heart― green remained.

[4] With which tongue am I to recount the indifference of the beloved?

Desire akin to the wine of a hundred goblets brimmed up

in the vessel of the heart yet, therein remained.

[5] What a marvelous instant it was that I learned of the elixir of Love!

The book of reason placed on the shelf,

on the shelf remained.

[6] The intensity of the perplexity of your beauty,

was so brilliantly revealed, that

neither the mirror’s shine remained,

neither the angelic beloved’s beauty remained.

[7] The fire of love has reduced the mute heart of Siraj to ashes,

neither fright remained,

nor caution remained,




Siraj Awrangabadi (1715–1763 CE)


Translated by Divana Nakujabadi [Saiyad Nizamuddin Ahmad]


Anonymous said...

My eternal salaam to Nakujabadi, the beautiful spirit. Your brilliance is a treat, again, as always. But only for those who know of it, and keep looking for it. Always known that there was a poet in you.

Anonymous said...

There is absolute other worldly majesty to this poetry, indeed our beloved prophet Mohammed, may Allah's blessing and peace be upon him said "poetry is lawful magic" and is any wonder that a surah of the Quran kareem is titled As-shurah. Beautiful kalam and a powerful translation, keep it up

Unknown said...

Anyone has mp3 of Farid Ayaz qawwalis? I want them!

Typing away my ADHD said...

Many Thanks to the Professor for the translation!