Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Naat - Aye Arab ke Kunwar -

There is a special generosity when a person of one faith is able to see beauty in another's and expresses it so eloquently in his words of praise and devotion.

Here is one such example of Bhai Mardana (brother of Guru Nanak) who wrote the words to this Purbi Naat in devotion to Prophet Muhammad (SAW): "Aye Arab ke Kunwar".

Qawwal: Farid Ayaz & Abu Muhammad

Ka tou se kahoon, aye arab ke kunwar
Tum jaanat ho mann ki battiyaan

Darr furqat toh, aye ummi-laqab
Kaate na katath hai ab rattiyaan

Turi preet mein, sudbud sab bisri
Kab tak ye rahe gi bekhabari

Gaah e ma fighan durzeeda nazar
Kabhi sun bhi toh lo humri battiyaan

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samad said...

can any one pls let me know how to download this link or where I can get the beautiful qawwali