Saturday, July 19, 2014

Naseema Janib-e Bat-ha Guzar Kun - Jami

Naseema Janib e Batha Guzar Kun
Zey Ahwaalum Muhammad Ra Khabar Kun
(Sallalahu Alehe Wasalam)

O cool breeze whenever you go to Batha (Madinah)
Say all abouts of me to Muhammad (Sallalahu Alehe Wasalam)

Tu'ee Sultaan e Aalam Ya Muhammad(Sallahu Alehe Waslam)
Ze Roo e Lutf Soo e Mann Nazar Kun

You are the King of all the worlds ya Muhammad (Sallalahu Alehe Wasalam)
Please look towards me with your sweet and blessing gaze

Bey Bareen Jaan e Mushtaqaan Dar'a Jaa
Fida e Roza e Khair-ul-Bashar Kun

Please approach to me. I, The helpless and fond of You is perishing 
at your mausoleum O Best of All (Sallalahy Alehe Wasalam)

Musharaf Garchey Shud Jami Zey Lutfash
Khudara Ee Karam Baar e Gigar Kun.

Although Jami has been blessed by You (Sallalahu Alehe Wasalam)
Please for God's sake bless me once again

صبآ پھر جانبے بطحا گزر کر
میرے احوال کی انکو خبر کر

میری مشتاقے جاں اس در پے لے جا
نثارے روضئ خیرالبشر کر

تو ہی سلطانے عالم ہے محمد 
کرم اور لطف کی مجھ پر نظر کر 

ئ جامی لطف انکا پا چکا ہے
خدایا یے کرم بارے دگر کر

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tark-e-Arezoo Kerdam - Ustad Sarahang - ترک آرزو کردم،

Tark-e-aarezoo kerdam, ranj e hasti aasan shod
Sokht par-feshani haa, kin qafas gulistan shod

Aalam az junun-e-man, kerde kasb-e-homvari
sel e gir d sar dadam, koh-o-dasht, daman shod

Bar safa-e-dil Zahed, in qadar chi meenazi
Har chi aayena gardid, babe khod-feroshan shod

Mirza Abdul Qadir Bedil

Today I went out looking for an audio CD by the Afghan classical singer Ustad Mohammad Hussain Sarahang. There are three Afghan grocery stores around our neighborhood here in Quebec and to my delight I found a CD entitled "Tarke Arezoo" in one of these stores.

The first track in this wonderful collection is a 6 minute tarana by Amir Khusraw which I will post later. When I searched on youtube I discovered that the rare qawwali "Tark e Arezoo Kerdam" was of course there all along. Hope you enjoy Sarahang's endearing style as much as I did.

ترک آرزو کردم رنج هستي آسان شد ترک  
سوخت پرفشانيها کاين قفس گلستان شد

عالم از جنون من کرد کسب همواري
سيل گريه سردادم کوه و دشت دامان شد

خامشي بدامانم شور صد قيامت ريخت
کاشتم نفس در دل ريشه نيستان شد

هر کجانظر کردم فکر خويش را هم زد
غنچه تا گل اين باغ بهر من گريبان شد

بر صفاي دل زاهد اينقدر چه مينازي
هر چه آينه گرديد باب خودفروشان شد

عشق شکوه الودست تا چه دل فسرد امروز
سيل ميرود نوميد خانه ئي که ويران شد

جيب اگر بغارت رفت دامني بدست آريم
اي جنون بصحرا زن نوبهار عريان شد

جبريان تقديريم قول و فعل ما عجز است
وهم ميکند مختار آنقدر که نتوان شد

برق رفتن هوش است يا خيال ديداري
چون سپند از دورم آتشي نمايان شد

(چين ناز پرورد است گرد وحشتم (بيدل

دامني گر افشاندم طره ئي پرشان شد

English Translation - Musab Bin Noor

Forsaking all desires, the sorrows of existence becomes easier to bear,
destroying the urge to spread my wings, transformed my cage into a garden

The World has been levelled by the force of my madness
The flood of my lamentations has submerged everything; mountains, deserts and valleys.

The silence in my bosom has spawned a cacophony of noise
I planted the Self inside my heart, like the root that sprouts into a reed-bed.

Wherever I cast my eye, thoughts of myself interrupt me
Every petal, every flower in this garden reminds me of my tattered garment.

O pious one, why such vanity over the clearness of your heart?
What are mirrors for, other than to satisfy the vanity of the preening and the vain?

Your love is polluted with complaint, that’s why your heart remains disconsolate to this day
Let hopelessness flood over your heart, so that the House becomes vacant and desolate.

If we have torn our pockets in desperation, let our hands rend our cloaks instead
O madness, whisk me away to the desert, where a new Spring awakens.

We are subservient to Fate, humility pervades our words and deeds
We have been given just enough Free Will to realize that we are helpless.

Are my senses departing at the speed of light, or is it the thought of seeing You?
Like Harmal-seeds burning on charcoal, I see a flashing light in the distance.

Bedil, the dust of my terror and desolation has been well nurtured and protected
If I spread my cloak and release it, your tresses will be left disheveled and unkempt.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Agar Kaj Ro Hain Anjum - Iqbal by Seema Sehgal

Agar Kaj Ro Hain Anjum, Asman Tera Hai Ya Mera
Mujhe Fikar-e-Jahan Kyun Ho, Jahan Tera Hai Ya Mera

If the stars have strayed—To whom do the heavens belong, You or Me
Why must I worry about the world—To whom does this world belong, You or Me

Agar Hangama Ha’ay Shauq Se Hai La-Makan Khali
Khata Kis Ki Hai Ya Rab! La-Makan Tera Hai Ya Mera

If the Placeless Realm Offers no lively scenes of passion and longing,
Whose fault is that, my Lord?—Does that realm belong to You or to me?

Usse Subah-e-Azal Inkaar Ki Juraat Hui Kyun Kar
Mujhe Maloom Kya, Woh Raazdan Tera Hai Ya Mera?

On the morning of eternity he dared to say ʹNoʹ,
But how would I know why—Is he Your confidant, or is he mine? 

Muhammad (S.A.W.) Bhi Tera, Jibreel Bhi, Quran Bhi Tera
Magar Ye Harf-e-Shireen Tarjuman Tera Hai Ya Mera?

Muhammad (PBUH) is Yours, Gabriel is Yours, The Qurʹan is Yours—
But this discourse, This exposition in melodious tunes, Is it Yours or is it mine? 

Issi Koukab Ki Tabani Se Hai Tera Jahan Roshan
Zawal-e-Adam-e-Khaki Zayan Tera Hai Ya Mera?

Your world is illuminated by the radiance of the same star 
Whose loss was the fall of Adam, that creature of earth, Was it Yours or mine?


Poet: Muhammad Iqbal
Singer: Seema Sehgal

Kya Kashish Husn-e-Beypanaah Mein hai - Jigar Muradabadi by Ustad Aziz Ahmed Khan Warsi

Kya kashish husn-e-beypanaah mein hai,
jo qadam hai usi ki raah mein hai

Maikade mein na khaanqaah mein hai,
jo tajalli dil-e-tabaah mein hai

Haaye woh raaz-e-gham ke jo ab tak,
tere dil mein meri nigaah mein hai

Ishq mein kaisi manzil-e-maqsood,
voh bhi ek gard hai jo raah mein hai

Main jahan hun tere khayaal mein hun,
tu jahan hai meri nigaah mein hai

Husn ko bhi kahan naseeb Jigar,
voh jo ek shai meri nigaah mein hai

~ Jigar Muradabadi  (1890–1960)