Friday, August 21, 2015

The Dream Journey – Discovering Musicians Across Pakistan

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Ustad Abdullah Niazi & Waqas Niazi
What began as a whimsical idea quickly took shape with the infectious enthusiasm of participants and was recorded by Mahera Omar as a labour of love. The Dream Journey is a film about an exhilarating eight day journey of five friends with a shared passion for discovering and recording musicians in their living environments in Pakistan. 

The six sessions of vocal music recorded and filmed using high quality DSLRs cover several musical forms in the Indo Pakistani tradition; Thumri, Kaafi, Ghazal, Qawwali and Khyaal. The kalaams that the musicians drew from ranged the whole spectrum of great poets: Khusrau, Jalal ud din Rumi, Kabir, Baba Bulleh Shah, Waris Shah, Iqbal, Faiz and numerous mystic poets of India and Pakistan. The performances evoked memories of the verdant lushness of the Punjab, the haunting mysticism of the Great Rajputana and Sind Deserts, the vibrancy of Hazrat Nizamuddin’s Delhi, the great aura of Ajmer, the majestic beauty of the Indo-Gangetic plain.
Ustad Farid Ayaz &
Ustad Abu Muhammad

Some of the musicians are established and famous, others are amongst the brilliant budding talent that adorns Pakistan’s musical scene. Each of the mehfils has a distinct atmosphere and mood, but there is a common thread. We asked each of the musicians to stay close to their respective inherited musical traditions, allowing the singers an opportunity to present some pieces that are rarely heard today. 

We are inspired to present the brilliance of this contemporary Pakistani vocal music to a wider audience in a 90 minute documentary film of the journey followed by a series of HD audio/video releases of each Mehfil.
The individuals involved in this venture have spent a sizable amount of their personal funds on this project and seek your help to cover the cost of editing, production and publishing of the 

film and the audio recordings. Please give generously by clicking on the Donate button below. 
Taj Muhammad & Shad Muhammad Niazi


Mustafa Khan & Muhammad Shah
Hamza Akram
Moiz and Ghayoor Ahmed
Ahmad Raza
Taj Muhammad & Shad Muhammad Niazi
Subhan Ahmed Nizami
Ustad Abdullah Niazi & Waqas Niazi
Ustad Ameer Ali Khan & Imran Ali Khan
Ustad Farid Ayaz & Ustad Abu Muhammad
Ustad Mubarak Ali Khan
Subhan Ahmed Nizami 

Jointly Produced by:

Vaqar Ahmed
Asif Hasnain
Arif Ali Khan
Zain Mujtaba
Musab Bin Noor
Mahera Omar

with assistance from viewers like you.

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Ustad Ameer Ali Khan

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

O vada-shikan ab bhi teri sham nahi hai

Recital: Jafar Husain Khan Badauni

Din chhup gaya, sooraj ka kahin naam nahi hai,
O vada-shikan, ab bhi teri sham nahi hai

Mein ne hi to mai-khanay ki zeenat ko bardhaya
Aap se dur ho ke peeta hun, dard se choor ho ke peeta hun
Mein kabhi shoaq se nahin peeta, gham se majboor ho ke peeta hun
Ae saaqi teri khair, tere mai-kaday ki khair
Aisi pila ke jiss ka nasha umr bhar rahay
Main ne hi to mai-khanay ki zeenat ko bardhaya
Aur merey hi muqadar mein koi jaam nahin hai
Saaqi ne diya jaam, aur kaha, hosh mein rehna
Kam-zarf ke peenay ka yahan kaam nahin hai
Waqt aaney ka unke dil-e-nakam, nahin hai
Vo sham ko aayen ge, abhi sham nahin hai
Kamzor nigahon ka yahan kam nahin hai
O vada-shikan, ab bhi teri sham nahi hai

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

CHARKHA by Baba Bulleh Shah

Just love Ameer Ali Khan's melodious singing. The much awaited video of "Charkha", a Punjabi Lover's delight, has now been uploaded. It amazes me that such a beautiful qawwali by Bulleh Shah had never been shared earlier by anyone. The tune is instantly appealing.

Kalam: Baba Bulleh ShahLead Vocalist: Ustad Ameer Ali Khan 
Harmonium and vocals: Saleem Ali Khan & Ejaz Ali Khan
Vocalist: Ashiq Ali Khan (extreme right), Rais Khan (child singer, extreme left)
Tabla & Dhol: Muzaffar Ali Amjad & Nadeem Hussain Zai

The Dream Journey - A Journey of Musical Discovery Across Pakistan - A Film by Mahera Omar

Shot on location in Dipalpur, Okara District, Punjab