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Zeehaal-e miskeen makun taghaful - NFAK - ز حال مسكين مكن تغافل

Another one of the gems of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is from his recital of Khusraw. The poem showcases Amir Khusrau's mastery over both languages. In the first verse, the first line is in Persian, the second in Brij Bhasha, the third in Persian again, and the fourth in Brij Bhasha. In the remaining verses, the first two lines are in Persian, the last two in Brij Bhasha.

credit: sriazi on youtube
ز حال مسكين مكن تغافل دورايي نينان بتايي بتيان
كه تاب هجران ندارم اي جان نه ليهو كاهي لگايي چهتيان
شبان هجران دراز چون زلف و روز وصلت چو عمر كوتاه
سكهي پيا كو جو مي نه ديكهون تو كيسي كاتون اندهيري رتيان
يكايك از دل دو چشم جادو به صد فريبن ببرد تسكين
كسي پري هي جو جا سناوي پياري پي سي هماري بتيان
چو شمع سوزان چو ذره حيران هميشه گريان به عشق آن مه
نه نيند نينان نه انگ چينان نه آپ آوين نه بهيجين پتيان
به حق روز وصال دلبر كه داد ما را فريب خسرو
سپيت من كي ورايي راكهون جو جايي پاون پياكي كهتيان
Zeehaal-e miskeen makun taghaful,
duraye naina banaye batiyan;
ki taab-e hijran nadaram ay jaan,
na leho kaahe lagaye chhatiyan.

Shaban-e hijran daraz chun zulf
wa roz-e waslat cho umr kotah;
Sakhi piya ko jo main na dekhun
to kaise kaatun andheri ratiyan.

Yakayak az dil do chashm-e jadoo
basad farebam baburd taskin;
Kise pari hai jo jaa sunaave
piyare pi ko hamaari batiyan.

Cho shama sozan cho zarra hairan
hamesha giryan be ishq aan meh;
Na neend naina na ang chaina
na aap aaven na bhejen patiyan.
English Translation:(M. Rehman)

The English translation is:

Do not overlook my misery by blandishing your eyes,
and weaving tales; My patience has over-brimmed,

O sweetheart, why do you not take me to your bosom.
Long like curls in the night of separation,
short like life on the day of our union;

My dear, how will I pass the dark dungeon night
without your face before.

Suddenly, using a thousand tricks,
the enchanting eyes robbed me of my tranquil mind;

Who would care to go and report this matter to my darling?
Tossed and bewildered, like a flickering candle,
I roam about in the fire of love;

Sleepless eyes, restless body,
neither comes she, nor any message.

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Extraordinary Remedies said...

Fantastic work!!! Thank you so much for posting this- it really show cases the genius of Khusro and the mastery of Nusrat. God bless you!

bohotkhoob said...

We can complete the translation of the embedded verses thanks to this source:

Sham Savere Nain Bicha Ke Rah Takuun Main Sajan Kee
Ram Hi Jane Kab Chamkegi Kismat Mere Angan Kee

(Morning And Evening, I Long For My Beloved With Waiting Eyes
Only God Knows When Will My House Will Turn Lucky With His Presence)

Nain Chura Ke Jab Se Saiyyan Door Kahin Pardes Gaye
Birhan Ki Ankhion Se Barse Bin Sawan Rut Sawan Kee

(Since My Beloved Has Left Me And Gone Abroad
The Longing Eyes Shed Tears Like The Clouds Of Rainy Season)

Barkha Rut Jab Chham Chham Barse
Manwa Roye Naina Tarse
Taron Mein Jab Chanda Chamke
Dard Utthe Man Mein Tham Tham Ke
Birha Sulge Jab More Tan Mein
Chupke Chupke Man-angan Mein
As Ke Bandhan Toot Gaye Hain
Balam Mosay Rooth Gaye Hain

(When The Clouds Burst Forth With Rains
My Heart Weeps And Eyes Long
When The Moon Shines Amonsgt The Stars
A Pain Crosses My Heart, In Parts
The Loneliness Burns In My Body
Slowly In The Courtyard Of My Heart)

Sooli Upar Sej Hamari Kis Bid Sona Hoye
Gagan Madal Per Sej Pia Ki Kis Bid Milna Hoye
Johari Ki Gati Johari Jane Jo Koi Johari Hoye
Ghayel Ki Gati Ghayel Jane Ke Jin Lagi Hoye
Dard Ki Mari Ban Ban Doloon Vaid Na Miliyo Koi
Meera Ki Tab Peer Mite Jab Vaid Sanwariya Hoye
Ey Ree Main To Prem Deewani Mera Dard Na Jane Koi

(My Place Is In The Sky As I Can't Go And Sleep There
The Place Of My Beloved Is In The Sky, I Don't Know When We Will Meet
The Value Of A Jeweller Can Only Be Estimated By A Jeweller
The Plight Of The Wounded Can Only Be Known To A Wounded
Wounded, I Roam Far And Away But I Can Not Find My Being
The Plight Of Meera Can Only Be Cured When The Physician Is The Beloved
O Woefullness !! I Am Lost In Love, Nobody Knows My Ailment)

Yakayak Az Dil Do Chashm-e-Jadoo Basad Farebam Baburd Taskin;
Kise Pari Hai Jo Ja Sunave Hamare Pee Ko Hamari Batiyan

(Suddenly, Using A Thousand Tricks, The Enchanting Eyes Robbed Me Of My Tranquil Mind;
Who Would Care To Go And Report This Matter To My Darling?)

Jogania Ka Bhes Bana Kar Pee Ko Dhuundhoon Jaoon Ree
Nagri Nagri Dware Dware Pee Pee Shabad Sunaoon Ree
Dars Bhikaran Jag Mein Ho Ke Darshan Bichiya Paoon Ree
Tan Man Un Per Waroon Sajni Jogania Kehlaoon Ree

(Taking The Appearence Of A Devotee, I Search For My Beloved
In Cities And In Houses, I Chant His Name
A Beggar for His Glimpse, I Want His Glimpse
Sacrificing Body And Soul On My Beloved, I Am Called A Devotee)

Pia Milan Ki As Hai Man Mein Nainon Mein Barsatein Hain
Tanhai Ke Chup Angan Mein Meri Unse Batein Hain

(Desire Of Union With My Beloved In My Heart, Rain Of Tears In My Heart
In The Silent Courtyard Of Loneliness, I Talk To Him)

More Banke Sajeele Sanwaria Lil'lah Mujhe Ab Dars Dikha
Bin Darsan Mar Na Jaoon Kahin Mora Jeevan Hain Tore Darshan Mein

(My Handsome Colorful Beloved, Show Me Your Glimpse For God's Sake
Without Seeing You I Am Dead, My Life Is Just A Glimpse Of You)

Tohe Yad Karat Mora Ang Ang Hai
Mora Bhag Suhag Tore Sang Hai
Ik Bar Jo A More Angan Mein
Ho Jaoon Suhagan Sakhiyan Mein

(My Body Aches For YouYou Are My Fortune, My Happiness
Come For Once In My CourtyardI Will Also Be A Married One Amongst My Friends)

Mohe Chhab Dikhla More Sanwaria
Tori Preet Mein Ho Gayi Banwaria
Tohe Nagar Nagar Main Dhuundh Phiri
Tohe Kookat Hun Main Ban Ban Mein

(Show Me Your Glimpse My Beloved
I Am Lost In Your Love
I Search For You Through Cities And Cities
I Call For You Everywhere)

Mohe Peet Tihari Mar Gayi
Tum Jeet Gaye Main Har Gayi
Main Har Ke Bhi Balhar Gayi
Aisa Prem Basa More Tan-man Mein

(Your Love Killed Me
You Won And I Lost.
I Devote Myself Even In My Defeat
Such Intense Love Is In My Body And Soul)

bohotkhoob said...

This recording can be heard in a single video: