Monday, October 13, 2014

Bhala Hua Meri Matki Phoot Gayee - Kabir

Thank you O Lord! that this pitcher is broken.
No more filling it up, No guards now and worries none

Gulzar so eloquently presents the introduction to Abida's recital of Kabir's poetry. He talks of how, like other Sufis, Kabir embraces death with casual familiarity. How the concept takes different shapes, and how saints find rebirth in different ways in the life hereafter. Kabir's death was the last lesson of his life, but his poetry lives on to guide us always

Bhala Hua Meri Matki Phoot Gayee
Mein to Paneeyan Bharan se Chhoot Gayee

Bhala Hua Meri Matki Phoot Gayee
Mein to Paneeyan Bharan se Chhoot Gayee

Thank you O Lord! that this pitcher is broken.
No more filling it up, No guards now and worries none

Bura Jo Daikhan Mein Chala,

Bura na Mileya KoeJo Dil Khoja Apna,
to Mujh sa Bura na Koe

When I went in search of faulty ones,
I found none,
When I looked into my own heart, 

None were faultier than me.

Yeh to Ghar Hai Prem ka,

Khala Ka Ghar Nae
Sees Utaarey bhuen Dharey,
Kat Baitthe Ghar Mahin

Beware! This is the abode of Pure Love,
Nothing to do with name and forms,
Enter here humbled, devoid of pride,
Only then you may take your seat here.

Haman hai Ishq Mastana

Haman ko Hosheyari kya
Rahay Azaad Ya Jag Se

Haman Duniya Se Yaari Kya

I am bursting with love,
Why do I need to be careful?
Being free in the world,
What of the worlds friendship do I need?

Kehna Tha so Keh Diya

Ab Kachhu Kaha Na Jaaye
Aik Gaya so Ja Raha
Darya Lehr Samae

What had to be said has been said
There is nothing left to say
If one leaves, so he may
The Wave too shall blend into the RIver
Lali more lal ki,

Jit Daikhan tit lal.
Lali Daikhan main gayi,

so Main bhi ho gayi lal

I see the Divine light inside,
outside, and everywhere.
By looking constantly at the divine light of God
even I have become godly.
Hans hans kunt na paya

Jin paya tin roye

Haansi khaeley Peeya Mile

to Kon Suhagan Hoe
No one realizes his Beloved while enjoying worldly pleasures
Those who realize God, did so by feeling pangs of separation
If one were able to realize God while involved in enjoyment
Then who will remain unfortunate?

Ja Ko raaton Saayian
Maar sake na koi.
Baal na baanka kar sake

Jo Jag Bairi hoe

No one can ever slay a man
under God’s protection.
Nor a hair on his head be touched
even if the world opposes him

Prem na Baazi Upjey

Prem Na Haath Bitae
Raja Parja Jis Ruche,
Sees Deyi Lae Jae
Love is not grown in the field,
and it is not sold in the market
But a king or a pauper would
Offer their head to acquire it.

Sukhiya sab sansar hai,
Khaye aur soye
Dukhiya das kabir hai, Jaage aur roye

The world is joyfull
That eats, drinks and is in peace
Fated but is poor Kabir (the seeker)
Stays awake and weeps

Jo Kachu Kiya so Tum Kiya
Mein Kuch Kiya Nahi.
Kahe Koi Jo Mein Kiya,
Tum Hi Thae Mujh Mahi.
What I achieved was due to you, Oh Lord
For I did nothing on my own accord
If one were to claim credit for ones deed
It was all due to your guidance


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No words to describe this song .. Kabir saheb's Mystical poetry and magical singing of abida Ji just out of the world stuff

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