Friday, April 18, 2008

Qawwali recital in 2007 - "Spirit of the Sufis"

Last year there was a similar Tour of Canada. The four hour event in Montreal was entitled "Spirit of the Sufis". A set of two CDs of this recording was produced with the help of Kabir Cultural Centre. Enjoy listening below:

Farid Ayaz Ensemble, Live in Concert at the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, Montreal.

A high quality recording. The set of two CDs may be purchased for a price

of CA $20 plus shipping payable by draft or money order to:

Kabir Cultural Centre
472 Grosvenor Avenue
Westmount QC
H3Y 2S4

Shipping by Canada Post: $5 - Canada, $8 - USA,
Shipping by Mail : $10 - Worlwide


bohotkhoob said...

Fantastic concert. All singles are great. But the sakhi ka say kahoon is just sublime! I'm overcome with joy as I listen to it.

May the Spirits of the Sufis be with you.

sologak said...

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