Monday, April 14, 2008

Farid Ayaz - Qawwal friends in Ottawa, April 3, 2008

The honor was all ours to be the lucky ones to host our Qawwal friends in Ottawa once again this year. I’ll have to really search hard for any negative comments as the feedback by 99.99% of the audience was of the shock and awe of the most positive kind. They were asking if the group will be back in Ottawa next year. In fact there was someone who wanted a private mehfil at his home when they are here next time.

Having said the above, I am amongst one of those who thought that we should have had at least one more hour of Qawwalis. Next time we will think of starting early…say at 6 pm.

FYI, we have reliable information that Mustafa was seen doing dhammal at work next day. Perhaps he was still under their magical spell.



Listen online: Nagri Wassey Shala


AK said...

Janab aap key shehar ki masti kucch aur thi. Similar to last time there was something special about Ottawa. I think the atmosphere is created by a combination of the informality amongst friends, a smaller and more intimate group of people and the extempore poetry recited by Javed.

The words get both the audience and the artists onto a higher plain and lead to an evening of magic. Bravo Ottawa walon. Aap ki kya baat hai!

KM said...

Looking at the pictures, I wish I was there too. Please make DVDs of the program.