Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Raag Shahana - Ameer Khusrau

A regal raag and a beautiful bandish fuse together as Munshi Raziuddin presents the raag shahana: the composition, the ghazal, and the taal, all three are Amir Khusrau's invention.

Listen here: Raag Shahana

The qawwali ends with a spontaneous transition into "Hajrat khaja sung khailiye dhamal", instantly changing the mood from melancholy to joy, a wonderful effect that will not be new to Munshi Raziuddin fans.


AK said...

bohotkhoob, What a wonderful and extensive collection you have of Munshi Raziuddin saheb. It is like I have found a little treasure. Afsos key kucch recordings ka mayaar ziyada accha nahin. Laikin sunney ko to mil ga, yeh kya kum hai. Farid Ayaz ko sunayein to khushee key aansoonon sey roein gey humarey dost apney Aba ki yaad mein.


KM said...

Bohot khoob,
Do try the sound editor polderbits.com

I have been able to significantly imporove the quality of some old recording with this, especially when it comes to filtering out the noise.

bohotkhoob said...

AK: Thanks for the feedback. I've been carrying around these recordings in cassette form for years. Some of them are second generation copies. But I might soon be getting better recordings.

KM: thanks for pointing out the tool. I will have to try it out.


KM said...

Bohotkhoob, do you have any videos of Munshi Raziuddin singing qawwali.

It is even more fun watching him sing!