Thursday, April 17, 2008

Saheb Mera Aik Hai

The following is in the true spirit of the sufi and the original qawwali of mystics and saints like Nizamuddin aulia.

Kabir's kalam is alive and flourishing around the world, but rare to be heard in qawwali form. Farid Ayaz has helped to bring it to life in this genre. I feel compelled to mention Munshi Raziuddin saheb as he was Farid Ayaz's ustad and father, without whom a lot of the verses we hear here would have been lost to our ears. Raziuddin saheb passed his love for Kabir to Farid, who continues to be fascinated by his philosophy.

This kalam is reflective of how Kabir's poetry transcends religious boundaries and unites humanity in the Sub-Continent.

I'd like to dedicate this to the late father of my friend Deepak Khatnani who lives in the Canary Islands, Spain and is a serious lover of traditional qawwali. Deepak intended to come to Canada to attend the qawwali recital "Sufi Eternal" but could not do so. Afsos key in key waalid kucch din pehley khuda ko pyarey ho gaye. We share a love for music and sufiana kalam.

We may be from different faiths but our spiritual quest is common, and I'd like to celebrate our friendship here as people do at various dargahs in India and Pakistan.

Listen online here: Saheb Mera Aik Hai


AK said...

I'm very grateful to you for dedicating such a great kalam of Kabir Das to also a great man, my father. I recall a few months ago we went for a long drive and I happened to play Chaap Tilak form your CD "Spirit of the Sufi's" and I remember him clapping and singing the qawwali through out the trip. Even then the cancer was slowly killing him. But none of us were aware of it, not even him.


bohotkhoob said...

What beautiful qawwali and profound poetry. They do full justice to Kabir. Amazing performance. Thanks for posting.