Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sakhi Ka Sey Kahoon Mohey Laaj Lagey

The following is a clip from "Spirit of the Sufis" (April 2007 in Montreal).

This Khusrau kalam is so full of love and affection. The Purbi makes it particularly sweet to my ears. Hope you all enjoy it.

Sakhi Ka Sey Kahoon Mohey Laaj Lagey from Tasawwuf on Vimeo.


Atique Azad said...

Purbi must be one of the sweetest dialects. The message of love that it delivers is incomparable.
Atique Azad

bohotkhoob said...

Kya baat hay! I loved it the first time I heard this recording in one of your earlier posts. Great seeing this video recording.

Purbi is indeed a very sweet and affectionate language as you have noted. It has special meaning for me as it was the
native tongue of someone whose memories are very dear to me, which adds to the pleasure of listening to such lovely

Thank you for sharing the video. May the Spirits of the Sufis be with you. Wah wah.

A.G.M.G said...

can anyone translate this song to english... please.. very great fan of khusro's poetry. please2..