Friday, April 12, 2013

Manqabat - Aal-e-Nabi Aulad-e-Ali

Vocalist: Ustad Munawar Ali Khansahib
Kalam: Hazrat Amir Khusrau
Aal-e-Nabi Aulad-e-Ali par ware ware jawoon,
Du jag mein rakhiyon laaj mori,
Zahra ke dilbundar Hasan Hussain pe ware ware jawwon.

Ustad Munawar Ali Khan, Raag Yaman, drut, teentaal


AK said...

Wonderful music. Aaj Subah dil bagh bagh ho gaya.

A question. Who took the photos? Who put together the video? Beautifully done!! Kya baat hai.

bohotkhoob said...

The video was put together by Ms. Kishori Ray. Her youtube profile is at

Her photo presentation gives a lovely touch to an especially beautiful musical composition.

I have added a link to the full version in the blog post. The tarana at the end is delightfully delicate.

vinaypande said...

this is wonderful. i hear it over and over again and never tire of it.
do you know who provided vocal accompaniment on this recording?

vinaypande said...

also the link to the complete recording doesnt work! could you restore the link please?

bohotkhoob said...


Just saw your comments. I have updated the download link to the complete track.

The accompanist is non other than Munawar Khansahib's son Raza Ali Khansahib.


Tasawwuf said...

The YT video as well as the download link stopped working after three years. I have now replaced it with a 25 min rendition of the same, by Ustad Munawar Ali Khan, that I had in my collection. Hope you enjoy it.