Friday, November 7, 2008

Let us play Dhamal with Hazrat Khwaja

Dhamal could be a song or a musical genre that aroused ecstasy amongst the sufis. It was usually performed at special occasions such as Basant.[1]

Let us play Dhamal with Hazrat Khwaja,
All dressed up, the twenty two saints have come,
So let us play Dhamal;
Give respect to our exalted Hazrat Rasool.
We celebrate spring for you, Oh Arab friend.
(This Arab friend is not meant for the Prophet)
Keep the colourful spirit alive for ever.
Let us play Dhamal with Hazrat Khwaja. [1]

Rendered in Raag Bahar by Ustad Munshi Raziuddin (1975) [2]

[1] Amir Khusrau Website
[2] YouTube user SufismHamza


Anonymous said...


incidentally I found this

bohotkhoob said...


It's the same bandish, but from NFAK! Wah, lajawab, loved it. Thanks for sharing the link.