Saturday, February 27, 2010

Q A U L - an old recording - Manzoor Ahmed Khan Niazi

Manzoor Ahmed Niazi Qawwal brothers who came from the delhi qawwal bachaey gharana to karachi after partition and hail from Hyderabad Deccan recite this rendition of the QAUL. The party included brothers the late Bahauddin Khansaheb and Munshi Raziuddin saheb back in those days.

It is a pretty good recording considering its age. Around 7.30 mins it is particularly beautiful when they are start the brief tarana at "ham toum tananana, toum tananana
illahi ye jalsa kahan ho raha......."

In the end I found it left me wanting for more as the recording is sadly incomplete. Still it gives you a flavor of what it was like back then. Jazba barda buland tha!

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1 comment:

Asifmamu said...

What a gem of classical Qawwali/ I just love the Alaap for the first two minutes or so, where they go step by step up the ascendant and descendant of the raaga. Lovely!