Monday, April 26, 2010

Mein Kya Tha - Munshi Raziuddin & sons

I recently found this gem in the archives of Munshi Raziuddin and thought that I must share it with all his fans. The older somewhat nasal andaaz of singing may not immediately appeal to all today, however it is the words and the passion of the recital that makes this so special.

Hailing from the Qawwal Bachon ka Gharana of Delhi, Munshi Raziuddin was one of the four qawwal brothers who migrated to Karachi soon after partition. Not only was Raziuddin a qawwal par excellence but a true aalim (Ahl-e Ma‘rifat) who helped spread the spiritual heritage of the Prophet (pbuh), a softer Islam that focused on the love, generosity and mercy of Allah.

Notice how beautifully, around 19.30, he so effortlessly switches to Arabic in beseeching the Divine.

Mein Kya Tha Aur Mujhay, Kya Bana Diya Tu Nein
Karam Kiya, Mujhey Apna Bana Liya Tu Nein

Yeh Mera Zarf, Khata par Khata hui Mujh Se
Yeh Teri Shaan, Karam par Karam Kiya Tu ne

Issi Ada pe Teri, Mit Gaye Hein Diwane
Khata Hui to, Khata ko Chhupa Liya Tu Nein

Jahan Jahan Mere, Qadmon Mein Laghzishein Aayeen
Tere Nisar, Waheen Aasira Diya Tu Nein


While Raziuddin was truly an ustaad of ustaads, he forbade everyone to address him as "Ustaad" and was always humble about his knowledge and achievements. In a world filled with people who constantly wish to impress others, such people are increasingly difficult to find these days aren't they.

The city scapes in the video are of Wazir Khan Masjid in Lahore. Here is more information about it.

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