Friday, August 27, 2010

Alif Allah Chambe di Booti - Kalam e Bahu - Badar Ali Khan Miandad

What a wonderfully soulful recital by the late Qawwal Badar Ali Khan Miandad! He was one of the greats who remained true to the original style. Badar Miandad Qawwal (February 17, 1962 – March 2, 2007) who sang from the heart, had a beautiful timbre of voice (ek khubsoorat leher thi awaaz mein), and an expert party of singers with him. He stayed close to the sufiana poetry and sang is Punjabi, Siraiki and Urdu of course. Unfortunately he passed away at the young age of 45 due to a heart attack.

This one is dedicated to my dear friend Haider Chaudhry who will surely appreciate it the most. jiwey bahu!

This second rather passionate recital by Farid Ayaz & Abu Muhammad is of the same beautiful poetry:

alif allah chambe di booti,
merey murshid man wich laaee hoo

nafee asbaat da pane milia,
har ragey harjaae hoo.

andar booti mushk machaya,
jaan phullan te aae hoo

jeeve murshid kaamil bahu,
jain eh booti laee hoo

baghdaad sheher di kiya nishaaNi
ucchiya.n lammiya.n cheeraa.n hu

ae tan man mera purze purze
jyu.n darzi diya.n leera.n hu

aena leera.n di gal qafni paa ke
ralsaa.n sang fakeera.n hu

baghdaad sheher de tukde mangsaaN
te mein karsaa.n meera.n meera.n hu

tasbih phiri dil na phirya
ki karna tasbih phar ke hu

ilm parheyaa te adab na sikheya
ke lena ilm parh kay hu............

eng trans:

My Master Has Planted in My Heart the Jasmine of Allah’s Name.
Both My Denial That the Creation is Real and My Embracing of God, the Only Reality, Have Nourished the Seedling Down to its Core.
-When the Buds of Mystery Unfolded Into the Blossoms of Revelation, My Entire Being Was Filled with God’s Fragrance.
-May the Perfect Master Who Planted this Jasmine in My Heart Be Ever Blessed, O Bahu!

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