Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mori Araj Suno

Recital: Tina Sani
Poetry: Faiz Ahmed Faiz
Prodiction: Coke Studio, Pakistan

mori araj sunno
Dastgeer Peer, mori araj sunno
mori araj sunno

O my Lord, pay heed to my appeal
I am a faithful follower of my Creator
O my Lord, pay heed to my appeal

Rabba sacheya, tu te akheya see
chal bandeya, jag da shah en tun

My true Lord, you had said
Go man, you are the master of the world

sadeeyan naimatan tereeyan daulatan naen
sada naeb te aalee-jah ae tun

My bounties on earth are your treasure
You are the viseroy of your Creator

aes larey te dor kede poocheya te?
ki aise nimaane te beeteeyan nein
kadey sanu bi layio Rab sayeyan
kithae dhoans police sarkar dee ae
kithae dhaandli maal batwar dee ae.......

After baiting me with these promises
Countless years have passed by
My Lord, did you ever enquire what transpired with your man
What your man has suffered in this world?
Somewhere, those in power and with the means to intimidate, harass and terrorize
Elsewhere, draft and bribery are rampant

My soul is shaken down to my bone
Just like a bird flutters when caught in a trap

You made a fine king indeed, my sweet Lord
All I have gotten are endless beatings

I don't want kingship, my Lord
All I need is a morsel of respect

I have no desire to live in palaces
I just want a small nook to live my life

If you agree with me, I will agree with you
I wont decline anything no matter how unreasonable

If you don't look out for me God
Then I should go and seek for myself another god

O my Lord, pay heed to my appeal
With this grimace, pleading

Sharing the pain, rowing the boat
Asking for His blessing, waiting expectantly

Countless centuries have passed by
Only now has it been revealed

The one who you had appealed to
The one who held your hand and guided you

Where your boat had docked
From whom you had asked for a panacea for your pain

The one who did not visit your temple
It was you only

Another version:

Recital: Ustad Nafis Khan

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