Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saacha Saheb Ek Tu - Poem of Kabir by Shafi Faqir

Shafi Faqir is a Manghaniar from Sindh, Pakistan and sings in a style that is highly classical yet distinctly folk, bringing home the voice of Kabir along with other Sufi poets in Sindhi, Punjabi, Urdu, Siraiki and other languages.

"I was born on the border itself, in Gadroh city. At the time of Partition, the city came to Pakistan and its railway went to India. I'm from the Manghaniar community, many of whom are settled in Rajasthan. Many of my relatives are in Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer... my grandmother's family is all in India."
- Shafi Faqir (Kabir in Pakistan)

Saacha Saheb Ek Tu (سچّا صاحب اِک تو) - The True Lord is One - You.
Part 1:

Part 2:

(Video Credit: YouTube user saqibtahir)

Saacha Saheb Ek Tu - Translation:

Guru in the heavens, seek in my heart.
Awareness meets the World they're never apart.

The True Lord is One - You (Saacha Saheb Ek Tu).
Your Servant is in Love.

Raga is the form of Ram, Ram is the Raga.
Listen carefully, for he cannot be seen!

Day and night I cry the Name
Not for a moment forgotten
Keeping every breath in Him
You - my true Lord!

Without sound, no devotion is possible
Without a guru, no wisdom
Without struggle, no kingdom can be yours
Without good fortune no Beloved.

Rid me of my slumber,
Lord, awake me to You.
Devoted in my faith,
I witness You alone

However I describe you,
you are deep, and deeper still.
In my awareness dwells your form,
Kabir has lost his mind!

Thunderclaps beguile the peacock
A mare won't hid from lifted reins
Coquettes can't hide their flirty walk
Eyes divulge the spare of love
A wall of stars can't veil the moon
Gathering clouds won't blot the sun
A Rajput won't hide on the battlefield
Generous could won't hide from beggars
The jogi appears in many a guise
But rubbing ashes won't hide his deeds!

Translation by Homayra Ziad
Pakistan Mein Kabir (Kabir in Pakistan)
(The Kabir Project)

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