Sunday, December 5, 2010

Q A U L - Mun Kunto Moala by GMN

In this older rendition of the QAUL by GMN qawwal I am particularly impressed by the use of the Sitar as well as Nasir's melodious voice. The harmonium just doesn't move me in the same manner. His use of voice reminds me a little of the unhurried andaaz of Qawwal Jafar Husain Khan Baduni.
Also of note is the beautiful tarana that starts around 7.50 mins. Quite unusual and different from what we are used to. khubsoorat gayeki hai.

Qawwal: Ghous Muhammad Nasir Niazi (Autroli Gharana)

The images in the video are of Hazrat Ali's shrine at Mazar e Sharif in Afghanistan very close to the border of Iran, where his remains were believed to have been moved from Najaf after his passing.

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farrokh namazi said...

beautifully sung and the video itself has amazing images of the sacred architecture.