Thursday, February 27, 2014

Phool Khilay Bagiyan Mein & Phool Rahi Sarson

As another Spring comes to South Asia and flowers start to bloom, another rendition of this kalam appears to be an appropriate way to celebrate it all.

Phool Khiley Bagiyan Mein,

Champa, Chambeli, Gulab
Jhum Rahey Daar Daar


The Purbi lyrics and their translation [1]:

Sakal ban phool rahi sarson,
Ambva moray, gesu phulay,
Koyal bolay daar daar,
Aur gori karat singhaar,
Malaniyan gadhwa lay aayin karson,

Tarah tarah kay phool mangaaye,
Lay gandhva haathan mein aaye.
Nijamuddin kay darwajay par,
Aawan keh gaey shoakh rung,
Aur beet gaye barson.

The yellow mustard seeds bloom in every field,
Mango buds click open, flame of the forest trees blossom,
The koyal chirps from branch to branch,
And the fair maiden puts on her make-up,
The gardener-girls have brought bouquets,

With assorted flowers in arrangements,
Devotees arrive, bouquets in hand,
To Nizamuddin's doorstep,
But Shokh Rung, who had promised to come,
Hasn't turned up - its been many years.

[1] Lyrics and trans. adapted from:

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