Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kabir in Pakistan - Sufi poetry

Shafi Mohammed Faqir from Sindh, Pakistan featured i shere in "Had Anhad"
the film produced by Shabnam Virmani of The Kabir Project.
The interesting string instrument that has a folk sound in the background is 
the Bulbul Tarang seen at 5.30.

Jeet jeet ke umar guzari
Hon te haar fakira

Jeetey da mol char kordiyan
Te haray da mol heera

Nal Mahi tede Lagiyan Diliyan
Asan Ishq da kalma padh baithhey
Asan sar da soda kar baithhey

The above clip was added with permission from The Kabir Project, Bangalore.

sar dar e qadam yaar e fida shud, chi baja shud, 
iin baar e giran bood e wazan shud, chi baja shud


Sacrificed my head at the feet of the beloved
How right that was!

It was nothing but a great burden, got removed
How right that was!

~ Farrokh Namazi

Here is some more enchanting World music where the Bulbul is used with Violin and other instruments:

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Dave said...

I bought this DVD based on this clip alone - and it does not disappoint! The entire film is excellent! Many thanks for this post, as I never would have heard of the Kabir Project otherwise...