Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chi Kardam - Haji Hamahang and Hoyayon Hamahang

Chi kardaham ke ze Janan-e-khod joda shodaham

Chi gofta ham ke gereftar-e-in bala shodaham

Kase nagofta ba man

ta konon gonaham chist

Kazen gonha sazaware in jaza shodaham

What did I do that left me thus separated from my Beloved,
What did I say that got me into this calamity,
Nobody reveals what my sins have been,
That have led to my suffering its consequences.
... sounds much better on the Farsi of course!

1 comment:

farrokh namazi said...

what have I said, that has led me to be stuck in this travial

no one has told me yet, what my sins are, what sins I committed

That I am suffering its consequences.

Beautifully rendered;