Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dishab ke tu az Mehr Babam

The complete ghazal by Ustad Khyal (Hafizullah)

dishab ke tu az mehr babam aamada bodi
didam ke beh az maahe tamaam aamada bodi

taa sham-e shab afrooz rokhat khalq bebinad
baa jilva-e sobh az sar shaam aamada bodi

goya ze falak maah ba zamin aamada imshab
choon dida gshoodam to babaam aamada bodi

mardom negaraan man-o man khod ba tu hairaan
tu bahr tamaashai kodam aamada bodi.


Last night, when you came on the roof top
I saw that you were better than the full moon;

For people to see your candle light face
You came in the evening but with the glow of the morning light;

It looked like the moon came down to earth last night
But, when I opened my eyes, I saw you;

People were concerned about me, but I was wondering about you
Whom did you come to see?

Mehdi Hassan

Ustad Rahim Bakhsh

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