Sunday, March 18, 2012

Naat - Choon Mah Dar Arz-o-Samaa - by Maulana Jami

Kalam: Maulana Jami (Abdul Rahman bin Ahmad bin Muhammad al Shirazi 1414 - 1492)
Qawwal: Jafar Husain Khan Badayuni

Choon Mah Dar Arz-o-Samaa, TaabaaN Tui
Rashke Malak Noor e Khudaa, InsaaN Tui

Roshan ze rooyat do jahaaN, Akse rukhat khursheed-o-maan
Ay Noor e Zaat e Kibriyaa, RakhshaaN Tui

Aayaate Quran Abruyat, Tafseere Quran Gaysuyat
Ay Roohay tu Quraan-e-maa, ImaaN Tui

Yaa Mustafaa Yaa Mujtabaa irham lanaa
Dast-e-maa bechara raa, DaamaaN Tui

Man aasiyam, man aajzam, man bekasam haale maraa
Ya Shafa'e Roze Jazaa, PursaaN Tui

Jami ravat az chashme maa Jalvaa numa behre Khudaa
Jaano dilam har do fidaa, JaanaaN Tui



The earth and sky kiss your doorstep; You are the Glow!
Covet of the angels, the Light of Allah; You are the Perfect Man!

The two worlds are illuminated by your [blessed] face
The sun and moon reflect your [blessed] countenance

O Light of Allah Almighty! You are the Luster!
Your eyebrows [reflect the beauty of] the verses of the Quran

Your hair [reflects the vigor of] the exegesis of the Quran
Your [blessed] soul is our Quran; You are [the foundation] of belief!

O Chosen One! O Elected One! Have mercy on us!
Our hands find nothing to cling to; You are the [covering] safe haven!

I am a sinner, I am weak, I am helpless -- this is my condition
O Intercessor of the Day of Recompense! You are the savior!

Jami (ra) with his own eyes saw the likeness of the unveiling of God's [vast] ocean
My body and soul are sacrificed for you; You are the essence!

Qawwal: Badar Miandad Khan


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