Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chashm-e-Maste Ajabe - Hazrat Amir Khusrau

 Recital: Ateeq Hussain Bandanawazi Qawwal

Chashm-e-Maste `ajabe, zulf daraze `ajabe
O wondrous ecstatic eyes, O wondrous long locks
Mai-paraste `ajabe, fitna taraze `ajabe
O wondrous wine worshipper, O wondrous mischievous sweetheart,
Bahr-e-qatlam chu kashad tegh neham sar basujud
As he draws the sword, I bow my head in prostration so as to be killed
Ou banaze `ajabe man banyaze `ajabe
O wondrous is his beneficence, O wondrous my submission
Waqt-e-bismil shud anam chashm baryush baz ast
In the spasm of being killed my eyes beheld your face;
Mehrbane `ajabe bandanawaze `ajabe
O wondrous benevolence, O wondrous guidance and protection
Turk taze `ajabe shoba babaze `ajabe
O wondrous amorous teasing, O wondrous beguiling
Kajkulahe `ajabe `arba da saze `ajabe
O wondrous tilted cap, O wondrous tormentor
Haq mago kalma-e-kufr ast dar iin ja Khusrau
Do not reveal the Truth; in this world blasphemy prevails Khusrau
Razdane `ajabe sahib-e-raz-e-`ajabe
O wondrous source of mystery, O wondrous knower of secrets.
~ Amir Khusrau


EagleEgo said...

Subhan ALLAH,
Can some one kindly pray for me that May ALLAH make me a true Chishti, bless me with profound, burning, soothing love of my Murshad e Kareem, and may he (Rahmat Allah Aleih) be pleased with me, Amin.

Shahzaib Khan said...

I never read Ameer Khusro poetry before now I am thinking why I have not read it before.