Friday, April 5, 2013

Kabir Das Dohas - Fareed Ayaz, Abu Mohammad & Party

Yaad e Oo sarmaya e eman bo'ad 
Har gada az yaad e Oo sultan bo'ad

Remembrance of Him is the foundation of faith
The beggars are kings due to His remembrance

Asl e shahood o shahid o mashhood ek hai 
Hairaan hun phir mushaahida hai kis hisaab mein

The search, the witness, and the witnessed are the same
I'm bewildered as to what sense to make of this observation

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Tasawwuf said...

"Bhala huwa mori gagri phooti" dil khush ho gaya sun ker. thank you for sharing bohatkhoob. this is the kind of mood i love most. the start is especially beautiful....and then the verses. lovely!