Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kaday Saday Des Vi Aa Dhola - Makha Leeran Walay Qawwal

When it comes to classical qawwali singing in Punjabi, these Makha Leeran Walay qawwal are 
truly amazing and steeping in the art and poetry.

Particularly enjoyed the use of violin and clarinet as accompaniment and the beautiful words of devotion such as "mein gird gird zakhm dikhawan, sadkey jawan". A real delight for Punjabi lovers. Enjoy! 

Mubarak Ali Faiz Ali Qawwal Party

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jose luis cuffia said...

You are doing a GREAT job sharing this highest culture to the world

I listened this qawwali for first time a week ago and I can't stop to see Mubarak Ali and his troupe.

Thnks so much from Southamerica.

Go ahead guys!!

PD: Can you translate some verse of this precious music please?