Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Tori Surat ke Balihari - Hazrat Amir Khusrau

Habib A Niazi's style of singing focuses on melody
and he manages to get to the essence of the poetry.

the melodious voice of jafar husain khan baduni

Tori surat ke balihari, Nijaam

Sab sakhiyan mein chundar mori mailee,
Dekh hansain nar naari,
Ab ke bahar chundar mori rang de,
Piya rakh lay laaj hamari, Nijaam.
Sadqa baba Ganj-e-Shakar ka,
Rakh lay laaj hamari, Nijaam.
Qutab, Farid mil aaye barati,
'Khusrau' raajdulaari, Nijaam.
Kouo saas kouo nanad say jhagday,
Hamko aas tihaari, Nijaam.
Tori surat ke balihari, Nijaam.



Beholding your appearance, Oh Nijaam
I offer myself in sacrifice.
Amongst all the girls, my scarf is the most soiled,
Look, the girls are laughing at me.
This spring, please dye my scarf for me,
Oh Nijaam, protect my honour.
In the name of Ganj-e Shakar (Nizamuddin Aulia's pir),
Protect my honour, Oh beloved Nijaam.
Qutab and Farid have come in the wedding procession,
And Khusrau is the loving bride, Oh Nijaam.
Some have to fight with the mother-in-law,
While some with sisters-in-law,
But I have you for support, Oh Nijaam.


Armaghan Ali said...

Thanks for sharing this master piece. Couldn't find the translation elsewhere. God bless.!

Tasawwuf said...

Most welcome

Wahab Hassan Butt said...

Such pure love, makes us wonder whether we even know the meaning of Love or not.