Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Har Shab Manam Futada - Hazrat Amir Khusrau

What a delight to see these young sons of the late Moin Niazi Qawwal recite in his signature style. I find their singing is filled with melody and sense of proportion and understanding. Mahera Omar has done a fine job of  presenting them in high definition and a crisp audio.

Har shab manam futada, Ba girde sarai e tou
 Har roz ah o nala kunam az barai e tou

every night have I fallen, around the circle of Thy tavern 
 every day, do I wail and cry, in yearning of Thee 

 Jana ba iin shakista dil-bewafa ma shou
 Umre guzasht ta shuda am aashina e tou

 O Love, turn not thy gaze from this broken hearted one 
 for a lifetime has been spent, in getting to know Thee 

Rozay ke zarra zarra shavad, ustakhan-e-man
 Ba shad hanoz dar dil-e-veesham hava e tou

 when my bones are nothing but shattered bits 
 may my heart carry on its quest of Thee 

 Bar hal-e-zar-e-man nazar-e-kun ze raahay lutf
 Tu Badshah-e-husni o Khusrau gada e tou

 Let thy Grace fall on my blighted self 
 Thou art the Lord of Grace, and Khosro but a begger of Thee 

~ Amir Khusrau

Recital: Taj Muhammad Shad Muhammad Nasir Niazi Qawwal
Video credit: Mahera Omar, Karachi
Farsi to English translation ~ Farrokh Namazi, 

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