Thursday, February 13, 2014

Preshan Ho Ke Meri Khaak Akhir Dil Na Ban Jaye - Iqbal

Preshan Ho Ke Meri Khaak Akhir Dil Na Ban Jaye
Jo Mushkil Ab Hai Ya Rab Phir Wohi Mushkil Na Ban Jaye

My scattered dust charged with Love the shape of heart may take at last:
O God, the grief that bowed me then may press me down as in the past!

Na Ker Dein Mujh ko Majboor-e-Nava Firdous Mein Hoorein
Mera Soz-e-Doron Phir Garmi-e-Mehfil Na Ban Jaye

The maids of Eden by their charm may arouse my urge for song
The flame of Love that burns in me may fire the zeal of Celestial Throng!

Kabhi Chhordi Huwi Manzil Bhi Yaad Ati Hai Raahi Ko
Khattak Si Hai, Jo Seenay Mein, Gham-e-Manzil Na Ban Jaye

The pilgrim’s mind can dwell at times on spots and stages left behind:
My heed for spots and places crossed, From the Quest may turn my mind! 

Banaya Ishq Ne Darya’ay Na-Payda Karan Mujh Ko
Ye Meri Khud Nigahdari Mera Sahil Na Ban Jaye

By the mighty force of Love I am turned to Boundless Deep:
I fear that my self‐regard, Me, for aye, on shore may keep!

Kahin Iss Alam-e-Be-Rang-o-Bu Mein Bhi Talab Meri
Wohi Afsana-e-Dunbala-e-Mehmil Na Ban Jaye

My hectic search for aim and end, In life that smell and hue doth lack,
May get renown like lover’s tale, Who riding went on litter’s track!

Urooj-e-Adam-e-Khaki Se Anjum Sehme Jate Hain
Ye Toota Hua Tara Mah-e-Kamil Na Ban Jaye

The rise of clay‐born man hath smit the hosts of heaven with utter fright: 
They dread that this fallen star to moon may wax with fuller light.  

Poetry ~ Muhammad Iqbal
Composition ! Yousuf Salahuddin

Singer ~ Sanam Marvi


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