Monday, March 31, 2014

Jan Zetan Burdi ~ Amir Khusrau

Jan zetan burdi wa darjani hunooz;
Dard-ha daadi wa darmani hunooz.
Aashkara seen-e am bashugaafti;
Hamchunan dar seen-e pinhani hunooz.
Ma za girya chun namak bagudakhtim;
Tu bakhunda shukr afshani hunooz.

~ Amir Khusrau

 You carried the soul from (my) body – and yet,
 You are still in the soul;
You have given pains – and are still the remedy;
Openly you split my breast Yet,
you are still hidden in my heart.
You have destroyed the kingdom of my heart
With the sword of coquetry,
 And are still a ruler in that place….

 [trans by A.Schimmel]


Ajith Vasudevan said...

great singing and of course..Hz Amir Khusrau...after GMN, does he have a son/successor who sings like this? pl do let me know

Tasawwuf said...

GMN has younger brothers who sing in this manner and have, fortunately for us, taken on the torch.