Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Nigah-e-Faqar Mein Shan-e-Sikandari Kya Hai ~ Iqbal


Nigah-e-Faqar Mein Shan-e-Sikandari Kya Hai

Nigah-e-Faqr Mein Shan-e-Sikandari Kya Hai
Kharaj Ki Jo Gada Ho, Woh Qaisri Kya Hai!

The splendour of a monarch great is worthless for the free and bold:
Where lies the grandeur of a king, whose riches rest on borrowed gold?

Button Se Tujh Ko Umeedain, Khuda Se Naumeedi
Mujhe Bata To Sahi Aur Kafiri Kya Hai!

You pin your faith on idols vain and turn your back on Mighty God:
If this is not unbelief and sin, what else is unbelief and fraud?

Falak Ne Un Ko Atta Ki Hai Khawajgi Ke Jinhain
Khabar Nahin Rawish-e-Banda Parwari Kya Hai

Luck favours the fool and the mean, and exalts and lifts to the skies
Only those who are base and low and know not how to patronize.

Faqt Nigah Se Hota Hai Faisla Dil Ka
Na Ho Nigah Mein Shaukhi To Dilbari Kya Hai

One look from the eyes of the Fair can make a conquest of the heart:
There is no charm in the fair sweet, If it lacks this alluring art.

Issi Khata Se Itaab-e-Mulook Hai Mujh Par
Ke Janta Hun Maal-e-Sikandari Kya Hai

I am a target for the hate of the mighty rich and the great,
As I know the end of Caesars great and know the freaks of luck or fate.

Kise Nahin Hai Tamana-e-Sarwari, Lekin
Khudi Ki Mout Ho Jis Mein Woh Sarwari Kya Hai!

To be a person great and strong is the end and aim of all;
But that rank is not real and true that is attained by the ego’s fall.

Khush Aa Gyi Hai Jahan Ko Qalandari Meri
Wagarna Shair Mera Kya Hai, Shayari Kya Hai!

My bold and simple mode of life has captured each and every heart;
Though my numbers are lame and dull And lay no claim to poet’s art.


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Back To Basics said...

The word 'Khudi' is not really a direct translation of 'ego' - its much more then that...