Thursday, February 11, 2016

Guru Bin Gyan by Maulvi Haider Hassan Vehranwale Qawwal

The experience of listening to this group of singer in Faisalabad last December at such close quarters and in a tiny space was truly intense.

Maulvi saheb is both focused and zealous in his style. The entire party is well coordinated comes together perfectly producing a sound that is near perfection. The beautiful use of Iqbal's verses aptly inserted here is especially noteworthy.

Guru Bin Gyan
Recital: Maulvi Haider Hassan Vehranwale Qawwal and Party
The Dream Journey sessions

Lead vocalists: Maulvi Haider Hassan & Zameer Hassan Khan
Vocaltists: Fakhar Hassan Khan, Tallat Hassan Akhtar & Saqib Hassan
Harmonium: Fakhar Hassan Khan and Zameer Hasan Khan
Tabla and Dhol: Nasir Hasan

The Dream Journey – Discovering musicians across Pakistan (A Non Profit Project)

A film about an exhilarating journey of five friends with a shared passion for discovering and recording musicians in their living environments across Pakistan........

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