Friday, August 5, 2016

Tou Se Laagi Lagan - Khwaja Moinuddin

Particularly loved the Tarana at the start and the verses of devotion to Khwaja Gharib Nawaz

Taj Muhammad and Shad Muhammad Niazi Qawwal @ T2F, Karachi

Tou Se Laagi Lagan - Raag Darbari
Recital: Taj Muhammad and Shad Muhammad Niazi Qawwal
Tabla & Dholak: Usman Ahmed & Faiz Muhammad

The Dream Journey sessions

The Dream Journey – Discovering musicians across Pakistan (A Non Profit Project)

This project will be the sharing of a special experience in which we hope you will want to participate.

Some of the musicians are established and famous, others are among the brilliant budding talent that adorns Pakistan’s musical scene. Each of the mehfils has a distinct atmosphere and mood, but there is a common thread. We asked each of the musicians to stay close to their respective inherited musical traditions, allowing the singers an opportunity to present some pieces that are rarely heard today.

We are inspired to present the brilliance of this contemporary Pakistani vocal music to a wider audience and seek your financial assistance in making this possible.

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Unknown said...

Hi there
Just came across this beautiful site

Wondering if there are any plans of uploading this music in High Definition files?

Also specifically wondering if this particular piece "Tou Se Laagi Lagan" by Taj Muhammad and Shad Muhammad Niazi Qawwal is available in High Definition format such as FLAC/WAV etc.

Thanks again, will contribute