Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bahauddin Qawwal and Party - 1974 EMI LP

On a cold November evening I returned late from work to find two boxes filled with old LPs and Cassettes simply dropped off at my doorstep. No hint of who the generous donor was. Everything within seemed in mint condition. No dust and all labeled and properly maintained by someone who had an obvious love for the contents. A day later however I got a text message from my biking buddy explaining where he acquired them from and how he thought I'd be  the best person to make good use of them :-D

This 1974 EMI Pakistan LP is the second of the LPs that I have digitized so far. The recordings in it quickly demonstrates how different qawwali used to be forty years ago. The style of singing is contained and measured and has fewer intense climaxes. The focus is more on building a mood around the verses and allowing the listener time to take in the words. I particularly enjoyed  the Kirpa Karo Maharaj and Aya Banna Aya Hariyala Bana Aya. Noteworthy is the use of instruments other than the harmonium.


Hubert said...

Dear Tasawwuf,

I'm afraid something is wrong with the link to the Box on your latest post (Bahauddin Qawwal and Party - 1974 EMI LP): I click the 'Enable' button, and then Box replies that cookies are successfully enabled, but then the window with 'Enable cookies on Box' pops back up. Might that be some preference I set on my MacBook Pro with OS 10.12.3?

Tasawwuf said...

@Hubert Please try to open it in Chrome. It is working fine at my end.

Tawfiq said...

Thank you very much for this. Would it be possible to get cover scans of this LP?