Thursday, May 19, 2011

Qawwali at The Noor Cultural Centre, Toronto - Farid Ayaz Ensemble - April 12, 2008

Clip of the finale: MAST QALANDAR

The qawwalis are still ringing in our ears today and what a wonderful time we had that evening at the Noor Centre.

I am sure that it was tremendously rewarding for all of you in Toronto to see people enjoying, feeling the warmth in the companionship with Pakistanis, Indians, Arabs and main stream Canadians listening to classical qawwali.

The qawwals were at their peak and were feeding off the great responsive audience. I must say that many of the listeners were of the zinda-dil variety and helped make the evening such a roaring success. The Noor Centre must be pleased with the outcome of the event as well. Kudos to them for taking on the event and the risk that came with it initially. It is sure to bring them goodwill and more positive feedback. Due to the work of Zahid Khan, Atique and the Noor team of friends you were able fill the hall. That always helps build confidence to arrange other such events in the future.

All around I think it was a real win-win situation for all involved. Bravo!

A big thanks to you all...Mast Qalandars.

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