Monday, May 23, 2011

Hajrat Khwaja Sang Kheliye Dhamal - Wajahat Hussain Khan

This wonderful recital by Wajahat Husain Khan Badauni is in a particularly classical fashion. Celebrating the coming of Bahar..the qawwal moves from the first verse to Phul rahi sarson. This rare recording of Wajahat Khansaheb is in the typically charming style of his ustad Jafar Husain Khansaheb and one that true raag lovers will enjoy.
Thanks to Nadeem Khan who sent this to me.

Hajrat Khwaja sang Kheliye Dhamal
Baes e Khwaja ban ban aye
continuing to ...Phul rahi sarson


Wajahat Hussain Khan was born into a family of illustrious musicians and has consequently had the advantage of learning both from his grandfather Nisar Hussain Khan, and father Zahid Hussain Khan. He has also trained with Jafar Hussain Khan of the Rampur Gharana. By assimilating the nuances of of qawwali singing with those of the Rampur, Sahaswan and Gwalior gharanas, Wajahat Hussain Khan presents a rare combination of Hindustani and qawwali gayeki styles


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