Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mareez-e-Muhabbat - Munshi Raziuddin

One of the all time best small and intimate mehfils of qawwali was surely the one at the home of Asif Hasnain and father Mehdi saheb back in 1988. There is a beautifully written description of this evening that was in memory of Mehdi saheb's wife: Q A U L Blogspot -

One of the qawwalis that keeps coing back to me again and again is Qamar Jalalvi's Mareez-e-Muhabbat which includes the final two minutes of the evening. Truly amazing!

Itne pyar aur lagan se pardha hai ye kalam. Aur sunein walay bhi mazay le le kar sun rahein hein. bohat khoobsoorat mahaul hai jiss mein ke sunein waley aur sunaanay waley sab alfaaz aur andaaz-e-bayan se lutf-andoz ho rahay hein.

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