Friday, July 18, 2008

Wiladat Hazrat Ali Murtaza

13th of Rajab is being remembered and celebrated as the (1347th) birthday of Hazrat Ali Murtaza -- Sahabi-e-Rasul, Imam, Khalifa-e-Rashidoon, scholar, statesman, and warrior. His numerous virtues and achievements, which need no introduction here, are beautifully captured in the following Man Kunto Maula rendition by Munshi Raziuddin, a fantastic composition which brings together Urdu and Persian couplets from various poets and saints.

Zahay izzo jalalay Bu Turabay fakhre insanay
Ali al-Murtaza mushkil kushaye shere Yazdanay

The honour and valour of Abu Turab is the pride of mankind
No doubt Ali al-Murtaza (AS), helper in the time of need, is the Lion of God.
— Hazrat Shah Niaz Ahmed Qadri Chishti

Man Kunto Maula

by Munshi Raziuddin, Farid Ayaz, Abu Mohammand & Party:

[Performed at the residence of Mr. Mehdi Hasnain, Karachi, Pakistan, 1988].

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