Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ishq Mein Tere Koh-e-Gham - عشق میں تیرے كوہ غم

Qawwali at Noor Cultural Centre, Toronto

عشق میں تیرے كوہ غم سر پہ لیا جو ہو سو ہو
عیش و نشاط زندگی چھوڑ دیا جو ھو سو ھو

لاگ كی آگ لگتے ھی بمبا نمد یہ جل گیا
رخت وجود و جان و تن كچھ نہ بچا جو ھو سو ھو

عقل كے مدرسے سے اٹھ، عشق كے مدرسے میں آ
جام فنا و بیخودی اب تو پیا جو ھو سو ھو

Hazrat Shah Niyaz (1742-1834).

Posted again after the comment from Asif Hasnain from Vienna.

"Just beautiful, both the kalaam and the rendition. Transports the listener. The power of love of music, of the creator, of life, of the eternal. Thank you for this wonderful post, which I came across just now. " Asif Hasnain.

There was a beautiful mood created that night which can be felt through this particular ghazal. Both the qawwals and the audience were in heaven and feeding off each other. The style (andaaz-e-bayan) takes me back to other recitals I heard during my childhood.
Qawwali Recital at The Noor Cultural Centre, Toronto - 2008
Kalam: Hazrat Shah Niyaz (1742-1834).

Ishq mein tere koh-e-gham sar pe liya jo ho so ho
aesh-o-nishaat-e-zindagi chhord diya jo ho so ho

Laag ki aag lagte hi, Bamba namad yeh jal gaya
Rakht-e-wojood-e-jaano tak kuchh na bacha jo ho so ho

Aql ke Madrase se uth, Ishq ke Maikade mein aa
Jaame Fanaa-o-Bekhudi ab to Piya jo ho so ho

Hijr ki jo museebatein, arz kiin uske rubaru
Naazo adaa se muskura, kehne lagaa jo ho so ho

Hasti ke is saraab mein, Raat ki Raat bas rahe
Subhe Adam Huaa Numoo, Paaon Uthaa jo ho so ho

Translation: Saqib Mumtaz
Mountains of agony, i bear in your love now, come what may.
The luxuries of life, i forsake now, come what may.

In the fervor of love, the threads of being seared,
the fabric of body, form, self; all charred now, come what may.

Rise from the seminary of reason, enter the tavern of love
From chalice of annihilation and selflessness, drink now, come what may.

The pangs of seperation, I bared before the beloved
With an airy smile said, "now, come what may."

In the mirage of this body, I seek the night only
And if Adam appears with the morning, I could raise the feet, come what may!

Thanks to Zahid Khan & Atique Azad and last but least the
Noor Cultural Centre


bohotkhoob said...

Thanks for sharing this gem. The poetry is something else and it lifts this qawwali to great heights.

Lovely confluence of sublime sufiana kalam and classical qawwali.


leenah. said...

There are few things that enchant one to the core of such ecstasy... letting one break away from the mundane, making one soar to the sublimity of fineness... And this qawaali, in its quality and essence, is one such thing.

Bayhad shukria Arif sahab.


Sandy said...

Thanks for the translation. I am mesmerized by listening to this sufi song.
Sari zindagi ke tajrube ek tarf aur yah ahsaas ek tarf. Shukra us khuda ka jis ne ne muje zinda rakha ab tak ki mai yah pad paya aur dun paya.