Monday, August 27, 2012

Allah Hu by Moin Niazi Qawwal (Tamgha-e-Imtiaz)

Once again today I am drawn to the special softness to this old renditions 
of "Allah Hu". The pure humility, the beseeching to be heard, and the surrender.
With the use of phrases such as "Khalik-e-kul hai Tu" & "Saarey aalam
ko hai teri hi justuju" coupled with the gentle, warm and affectionate
style makes this one of my favs. Andaaz purana, narm aur khoobsoorat.

The young man with the melodious voice (to the right) is by now
middle aged. Better known as
Ghous Muhammad Nasir Niazi Qawwal,
he is the son of the late Ustad Moin Niazi (Tamgha-e-Imtiaz) who is in
the lead here.

Iltija meri ae Khuda, sun ley
Apni rehmat ka wasta, sun ley

Kon hai mera ab siva tere
Sun Muhammad ka vasta, sun ley

Maalik ul mulk, La shareeka la hu
Wahdahu, la ilaha ila hu

Kaliq-e-kul hai tu, iss mein kya guftugu
Saarey aalam ko hai, teri hi justuju

Teri jalwagari hai, ayan char su
La shareeka la hu, Maalik ul mulk tu

Allah hu Allah hu, Allah hu Allah hu.....

Moin Niazi saheb (centre) is accompanied by Ghous M Nasir Qawwal on his left (in white cap).