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Kaahe ko Biyahe Bides - By Hazrat Amir Khusrau

Kahe Ko Biyahe Bides
Kalam: Hazrat Amir Khusrau
Recital: Wajahat Hussain Khan Badauni

Most of us have heard this kalam at weddings or in an Indian film[1]. The tarz is immediately familiar and so easily enjoyable. I especially love the sweet words of Urdu and Purbi. The lament of the bride as she addresses "baabul" her father leaves her home, and the many terms of endearment[2] referring to herself in the eyes of Baabul.

Besides Delhi of course it was in places like Hyderabad, Rampur and Bhopal where the princely states encouraged qawwals and Indian classical gayeki in general. Therefore the images of the architecture of Hyderabad, Deccan and then the one of Roza in Badaun the home of Wajahat Hussain Khan qawwal.

This particular rendition is also special because it is the most complete one I have heard yet. I am unsure if there any verses missing, however if anyone knows of other verses please let me know by commenting below.

Kahe Ko Biyahe Bides by Hazrat Amir Khusrau from Tasawwuf on Vimeo.

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Kahe ko Biyahe Bides,
Arae Lakhiya Baabul Morey

Ham Toray Baabul, Bele Ki Kaliyan[2]
Ghar-ghar Maangey Hain Jaaye
Arae Lakhiya Baabul Mohe
Kahe ko Biyahe bides

Ham Toray Aangan ki, Bholee si Chirdaiya[2]
Chuggay, peeye, Urdhh Jaaye,
Arae Lakhiya Baabul Moray
Kahe ko Biyahe bides

Ham Toray Baabul, Khootay ki Gayeeya[2]
Hathon nikal, Hat Jaye re
Lakhiya Baabul Moray
Kahe ko Biyahe bides

Taak Bharee Mein Ne, Gurdiyen jo Chhordeen
To Chhorda Saheeliyon Ka Saath
Lakhiya Baabul Mohe
Kahe ko Biyahe bides

Mahalon Taley Se, Dola Jo Nikla
Beeran Mein Chhaaye Pachhaad
Lakhi Baabul Mohe
Kahe ko Biyahe bides

Bhaiya Ko Diyo, Baabul Mahalan Do Mahalay
Ham Ko Diyo Pardesh re
Lakhi Baabul Mohe
Kahe ko Biyahe bides

Khusrau Kehat Hein, Ae Meri Laado[2]
Dhan Dhan Bhaag Suhaag re
Lakhi Baabul Mohe
Kahe ko Biyahe bides

English Translation:

Why did you part me from yourself, dear father, why?

We are just flower-buds of your garden,
And are asked for, in every household, dear father.

We are just birds from your cage,
Will fly off when its dawn again, dear father.

We (daughters) are just cows tied to your peg,
Will move on to where ever you drive us to, dear father.

I’ve left at home, alcoves full of dolls;
And parted from my friends too, dear father.

When my palanquin passed beneath the terrace,
My brother fainted and fell, dear father.

You’ve given houses with two stories to my brothers,
And to me, a foreign land? Why dear father, why?

As I remove the curtain from the palanquin,
I see we’ve reached the beloved’s house, dear father.

Khusrau says, oh my beloved
May you and your husband be blessed

Wajahat Hussain Khan is the grandnephew of the late Qawwali Maestro Jafar Hussain Khasaheb of Badaun

[1] Umrao Jan

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Yasir Hasan said...

Beautiful poetry...Khwaja sahib ke keya baat hai...I am really a big fan of his work... Kahay ko biyahi badais, Yar-e-man, Mun Kuntu Maula and so much more...