Monday, January 9, 2012

Focus on the Beginnings (Behlava) - Mun Kunto Moala

One of the beautiful things about qawwali is that one rendition is never the same as another, so even though you have heard the Qaul a hundred times, each new rendition is unique and has it's own beauty.

This one is particularly special because of it beautifully classical and unhurried Behlava. The sazeena has been removed so one can focus on the Behlava. The singing begins with a Raag Bhopali bandish "Aik suratiya ki do hein Mooratiya" and is soulful as it progresses into the main body of the poetry becoming increasingly intense.

Farid Ayaz and his party have outdone themselves here. The sargam and the laeykari has got to be one of the best ever. The whole party works well in unison and helps create this atmosphere of being one with the instruments as well as true to the word.



Arif Ali Khan said...

Brilliant and beautiful alaap! Just when I thought I had heard it all... Fareed has reached the stage of Uataadi, the voice, the raaga and the Taraana are slaves to his image of where he wants to take this lovely and eternal Qaul. I love this!!! Thank you for posting it and enervating so many souls who listen to this. My salaams to you and all listeners. May Allah bless all of you.

Asif Hasnain
Asif bhai asked me to post this on his behalf

Kumail Hasan said...

How can i get the lyrics of that Man kunto maula (Lounge version) which is 29 mint long..??