Sunday, June 27, 2010

Illahi Tumhein Misl o Manind Hai, Tu Khaliq o Khalq Rab-e-Karim


I first learnt of Aaliya about five or six years ago and thought how difficult it must be for singers in Pakistan. Then to be handicapped and to be a female. There were a few things stacked up against her to be able to make it. However it makes me so proud to see that she has finally done so and found some recognition.

Hats off to her for all the hard work that she must have put into it and to a society that does have hope and promise. It just shows that we need to persevere and just need to keep plugging at it...

Aaliya Rasheed is one of those rare Pakistani singers who was trained by ustaads of Dhurpad gayeki for one year in India. She has appeared in Yousuf Saeeds film "Khayal Darpan".


Daagh-e-Dil Ham Ko Yaad Aane Lage..
she has such a wonderful voice. seems to have sung it better than the original.

Now only if there was an audience of listeners in Lahore, for Dhurpad singers, who would sit patiently and listen to her sing what she has actually trained for.

credit for videos on Youtube: hameedghauri

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farrokh namazi said...

zabardast,buhut khoob, to have someone of this calibre in our country, takes years of dedicated riyaz, practice and love to be of this stature. All the best to her and may she live and sing for long.